Scram Escape Rooms

Our aim is to entertain and bring you an hour of fun in Parramatta, Sydney by transporting you to a magical world of mischief and mayhem. We challenge you to find, solve and achieve in order to escape the room.

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About the Escape Rooms

What to expect:

Each room has a dedicated Game Master to assist your game. They will brief you on the game rules and provide you with clues along the way to help you escape.
In the room you will find a series of objects hidden or locked electronically or with padlocks. Your job is to try and piece together information left around the room in order to open these locks in under 60 minutes.

Can you beat the clock?

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    You’ve tried everything in Sydney? Looking for a challenging and fun way to unwind with your mates? Take your outings to another level and experience our puzzling Escape Rooms.

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    Corporate Events

    Treat the team to an Escape Room challenge for your next work outing! You can split into teams and compete or work together in one. Communication, trust and a lot of mental cooperation will bring your team together.

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    Put those strong family opinions to good use and bring the fam to SCRAM! Quality family time is about to get a little more interesting. Do you dare to see who the brains of the family are?

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    Treat someone to an Escape Room experience for something a little different. Contact us for gift vouchers or if there is something a bit special you would like to do here. We once had an engagement!

The Scenarios

The scenarios are thought up by owners Jess, Daniel and Walid.

The Wizard Chambers is quirky, magical and surprises you again and again. It moves quickly and relies on 'hide and seek' aspects.

The Doll House is dark and eerie. You feel on edge, though not just because of all the eyes in the room but because the puzzles are plentiful and challenging.

CR-18, or Cosmic Rush, is an electronic single room that definitely makes you work to win. What do we mean by 'electronic'? No locks.

We had a lot of fun designing these rooms and hope you enjoy them too!

Can’t wait to lock you in a room!

The Room Designs

We have sourced a great deal of our room props from second-hand stores, independent crafts-people, or hand-made them ourselves.

The result?
Uniquely decorated rooms like you've never seen.

Check out our pictures for a glimpse, book now for an inside look.

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How To Find Us

The first challenge is finding us.

Read ahead carefully cause we aren't lying.

Unit 48, Building 2 O'Connell Street, Parramatta 2150 NSW, Australia

Our unit is located inside the Parramatta Business Centre that is located on the corner of O'Connell and Aird St.
You can enter via either street. Just look for the glass door with a keypad on the side. You will receive a message when you book with the passcode to enter if outside of standard business hours.

Head up to level 2 and you will find us nestled into the corner at unit 48.

The best parking is Westfield Parramatta's Aird St parking lot and our building is located opposite.

We reccommend google maps over apple maps (and aren't trying to start war here) when searching 48/2 O'Connell Street.

Let the first test begin.