Frequently Asked Questions

An escape room is a themed room that your team has situationally been 'trapped' in and must piece together information in order to escape. You may find puzzle pieces, hidden objects or texts, sensors and triggers that will need to be used correctly in order to open the locks that will lead to your exit and win.
Approximately 1 hr 30 mins. 10-15 minutes briefing ahead of the game. 60 minutes in the room. 10 minute de-brief. Allow for bathroom checks, potential over-time in the room or late attendees.
2 Players - $45 pp - $90 3 Players - $42 pp - $126 4 Players - $42 pp - $168 5 Players - $38 pp - $190 6 Players - $38 pp - $228 7 Players - $34 pp - $238 8 Players - $34 pp - $272
We have some beds, a bathroom and can slide some food under the door once a day. Settle in! Just kidding. While going into over-time may not be considered an escape as part of our stats, we endeavour to let you finish the game under the guide of your game-master. That way you will get to see the end the right way and not miss out.
Birthday parties are welcome here at Scram. We don't have a very large location so we don't lend out our foyer space for long lengths of time. We have a small outdoor area that guests are welcome to use if you would like to cut the cake, but cannot offer much more than that. Depending on the age group of the birthday party we may request an adult to be in the escape room or rooms with the kids. Every member of the team must fill out a waiver form. We have a online form that can be sent out upon request so the kids parents may sign ahead of time. Send us an email or call us for more information.
Birthday pricing is for 16 year olds birthdays and younger. 7 Players minimum in a room at $30 per player. If you are using two rooms you will need 7 in each to keep the set price at $30 per player. Give us a call to book in your child's birthday.
No, we do not. However, we are located very close to Church street. Better known these days as EAT STREET. There are plenty of restaurants to choose from to take your team before or after the game.
More players may mean that some will be left out as there are only so many puzzles that can be worked on at one time. We reccommend either splitting into separate escape rooms where possible if you have a large group. However, if you desperately want an extra person or so in the one room you can give us a call and we may be able to abide depending on the room.
You sure can! If you're unsure of numbers we recommend purchasing the game for the numbers you are sure of and you can pay the rest when you arrive.
20 players minimum at $30 per player. Give us a call to book in your work event!
Yes. Give us a call on (02) 7909 6515 to pay the minimum $80 deposit. Alternatively, you can book the room and session you desire and pay the $90 for two players and pay the rest when you arrive.
All payments are non-refundable, however we will provide credit in the form of a Gift Certificate. For group cancellations you will need to provide 24 hours notice to be eligible for a credit/gift certificate. If an individual player cannot attend without notice we will provide a credit for that player in the form of a gift certificate. All gift certificates do not have an expiry date.
Yes! There are three ways to purchase a gift certificate. 1. Click 'Book Now' on our website and it will give you the option of booking an escape room or Gift Certificate. Select gift certificate and follow the prompts. 2. Send us an email with the details and we will send you an invoice. 3. Give us a call and you can pay over the phone. Certificates are digital and will be sent to you via email once you have paid the certificate amount.
Terms and Conditions Rescheduling- Reschedules cannot be made within 24 hours of the event time. Cancellations- If you need to cancel your entire booking within 24 hours of the event we will not provide any refunds/credits. If you are cancelling before 24 hours of the event we will provide you with a credit in the form of a non-expiring gift certificate. If some members of the group are not attending we will provide credit for those players right up to the time of the event. Lateness- If you are running late for your session the Game Master has the right to shorten your game time. This may be necessary to avoid the next session being affected or the employee exceeding their rostered hours.​ By agreeing to play one of our rooms you are accepting responsibility for your behaviour during the game. Any breakages or failure to follow the Game Masters instruction may result in your being asked to leave the premise early and provide monetary compensation for excessive breakage.